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Hello and welcome to the Podcast by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs - Small Business Connections. 

Jun 17, 2020

In today's episode, I talk with Tony Martignetti of Inspired Purpose Coaching about how building high performing teams, living a fulfilling life and improving your human connections will help you avoid stress and burnout.

Tony shares how to accomplish your goals and the goals of your team. He sheds light on the importance of having every person in your workplace come alive, connect and share their voice. Diversity in thinking and appreciating people's differences aids in building great teams. Recognizing and respecting what everyone in your organization brings to the table will aid in lessening stress and burnout.

The Small Business Connections Podcast is hosted by Ann Brennan, owner of ASMM Digital Marketing. The podcast was created as a means of helping her clients build a community around their brands. Since its inception, the podcast has grown to include guests from around the world. To be on the show, please message Ann directly through LinkedIn.

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